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cake tray forming machine manufacturer

cake tray forming machine manufacturer Our company focuses on innovation, depending on the market demand, continuous research and development and design new machines, our machines have received CE certification, access to the praise of many overseas customers. cake tray forming machine is a full-automatic tulip cake cup producing line with paper holder. It runs a consecutive process from automatic paper-feeding to fi
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cake tray machine manufacturer

cake tray machine manufacturer We were the first manufacturer of such kind of forming mold in 2005 in china, and we improved it from manual machine to auto machine and high speed auto machine during the period from 2005 to 2015 all the time.We are the first automatic machine manufacturer in 2013: all the cups manufactured by our machine are folded toward same direction. Our companies pay attention to credibility must
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Muffin Tulip cup with STEP machine manufacturer

Muffin Tulip cup with STEP machine manufacturer Muffin Tulip cup with STEP machine industry is developing to the automation.Automatic packaging machinery used in great quantities, can realize the requirement of high efficiency low cost.The rapid economic development, the demand of all kinds of automation packaging production line will further enhance, we continuously research and development and promote enterprise au
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